What is the pressed-piers method of slab foundation repair?

Slab foundation repair

Most of the floors, ceilings, and external paving are made of concrete slabs. If your home’s floor has a water pipeline beneath it, the pipe covering should be proper and insulated. When there is any leak in the pipe, the water content will spread to the concrete slabs causing serious damages. The damage in slab concrete will alter the stability of the foundation, and your house will face the threat of collapse. To avoid this, you should fix the slab concrete as soon as possible. You can get help from a slab foundation repair expert in your locality.

Symptoms of slab repair

You can find the damages in your slab with the following signs.
• Cracks and uneven floor
• Mold
• Bad smell

There are several methods of slab repairs, and the most popular one is pressed-piers slab foundation repair. In this article, let us discuss the process of pressed-pier slab repair in detail.

Pressed-Pier slab foundation repair

Digging under the slab concrete

To level a slab evenly, you should dig beneath it to place the piers. Jackhammering can be used to dig the tunnel to get into it.

Pressing the piers and leveling the slab

After digging beneath the slab, you should place piers beneath it to raise it. A Pier is a cylindrical concrete carrier. You would place these piers beneath the slab with the help of a hydraulic jack. The weight of the house will press them on to the earth. After some time, the pressing will stop, and the piers will not move any further into the strata. After this, you can use hydraulic jacks to raise and level the slab.

Filling up the holes

After pressing the piers and leveling the slab, you should shim and fill the holes or gaps to set up the dirt.