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WENO a eprescribing network endorsed by the DEA

The electronic prescribing is a technological Tool that allows medical professionals to write and send prescriptions into an affiliated drugstore , replacing the use of hand written prescriptions or through fax.

With this Network, prescriptions may be filled and refilled for human patients, so drugs may be dispensed and administered, and also the behaviour of the purchase of drugs could be seen through the patient’s foundation.

In It also might be associated with a drugstore affiliated using the system or alternative drug dialing websites, the network can also be incorporated with the EMR electronic medical record process.

WENO is An independent electronic prescribing system by that you simply don’t have to be subscribed to Surescripts in order be able to prescribe a drug as a doctor, register as a drugstore, among other functions.

The Electronic prescribing Incentive program of the usa government demands the use of a skilled system of electronic prescribing, granting a settlement up to 2% of their charges created within section B of Medicare.

To get a Electronic prescribing process to be qualified, it must possess the ability to be able to synthesize prescriptions digitally, it must inform prescribers regarding the possibilities of infectious drug reactions, and notify doctors about generic drugs as choices, one of other purposes with the one which counts those programs.

Electronic prescribing provides the advantage of decreasing the range of inappropriate medicine delivery mistakes due to unreadable blurry or writing faxes.

WENO Fulfills everything plus much more; the laser device has been certified for compliance with the electronic cigarette of EPCS controlled substances for pharmaceutical uses, and also for service application providers for caregivers.

In Addition, it made a DEA-endorsed auditor-validated execution certificate, smoothing the way for a brand new phase of aggressive pricing from the pharmaceutical pharmaceutical industry.

Input the WENO Exchange internet site and detail about that the benefits of the platform, register about the page to eventually become a portion of the network of people of the platform that is revolutionizing the means of prescribing drugs.