Total Number Of Rounds In Judi Online

With the advent of online gambling, online gambling (judi online) became one of the famous online games. The simpler and user-friendly environment of the game was one of the biggest reasons for its huge popularity.The main aim of the game is to make the best possible five-card winning hand which can identify you as a winner.

Rounds in online Judi:
Firstly, you have to get yourself registered at one of the online Judi websites. When you log in, a game lobby will be opened. Here you have to select a table to play. You may have the option to play it for free or play Judi involving real cash. Join the game by selecting your buy. Various rounds associated with Judi Onlineare:
• Round1- At first each player is given two hole cards or pocket cards. This phase is called “Pre-Flop”. You can raise, check or fold during the betting
• Round 2- During this round three board cards or community cards are given to each of the players. Betting is done in a clockwise direction starting from the player to the left of the dealer. This phase is known as “Flop”
• Round 3- In this round, one card with its face up is given to all the players. Like the earlier phases betting is done and this phase is called “Turn”
• Round 4- It is called the “River” phase where the last card is dealt and betting is done.
• Round 5- It’s the “Showdown” stage where all the players show their best five-card combination.
InJudi Online, a royal flush is considered the best winning Judi hand while a high card has the least percentage of winning.A player having the best Judi hand amongst the players on the table wins the game.