General facts you did not know about mobile app

The general facts about mobile app might be what you need to know before even knowing more about mobile development company. Get them right and then utilize them to get the best out of the apps provided by mobile apps company.

• Developers of apps located in India tend to be the ones charging the lowest amount, approximately $8 per hour. If you compare, North America has the most expensive app developers changing about $225 per hour.
• After the USA, India is the second-largest app market. Among the billions of users of WhatsApp, about 60% of the population comes from India. With such information, it means that, India is a market to reckon when it comes to the IT industry and app development.
• About 65% of people who use mobile devices spend most of their time on apps associated with social media.
• About 4 hours is what an average American adult use on communication apps, which constitutes about 1/5th of the entire day. With that, communication apps such as Tinder and Snapchat have great potential.
• Most uses spend a lot of money when it comes to gaming apps, with a lower retention rate being applied to lifestyle apps. Slightly about 1% of the smartphone usage is on fitness and health apps.
• In modern times, it seems everything is moving towards apps. You easily come across apps for TVs, smartwatches, and even kettle apps.
• On average, a smartphone user in a day unlocks the phone more than 80 times generating about 2700 swipes or strokes daily.
• Apple users utilize about 24% more on iPhone apps as compared to using iPads
• Compared to a website, more people would readily go for an app as the function of the website is embedded in an app. On mobile devices, apps tend to be more user-friendly.